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About Michele Freeman

When not delving into true crime cases and writing about missing persons, cold cases, serial killers, John and Jane Does, holiday homicides, and macabre murders, true crime author Michele Freeman writes as New York Times and USA Today bestselling fiction author Michele Bardsley. 

In the last four decades (give or take) Michele was a journalist (managing editor of both her high school and college newspapers), novelist (including writing books for Penguin Random and HarlequinTEEN), acquisitions editor at a small Las Vegas publication, freelance writer with work appearing in publications such as Fodor's, Writer's Digest, and Byline, senior editor at an independent electronic publisher, and freelance editor working with a number of independently published authors. 

Michele also crochets, reads true crime and mystery thrillers, and eats chocolate as dark as her soul. She resides in Texas with her husband and their adorable fur babies.

In addition to creating content for Armchair Detectives, I also write for The Crime Wire and NewsBreak.

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Michele Writes

As Michele Freeman, I write about true crime. As Michele Bardsley, I write supernatural mysteries and creepy thrillers. I love chocolate and Chihuahuas. Zombies were people, too. Tell me about your haunted house.